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[팟캐스트] (456) ‘가족’ 구성은 부모와 자녀가 있어야? 개념 바뀐다 / 식물 키우기, 마음 테라피 되다

May 17, 2022 - 17:59 By Korea Herald
Firefighting officers participate in a care farming program run by Rural Development Adminstration. (Rural Development Adminstration)

진행자: 조혜림, Naomi Garyan

1. Family matters ... or does it?

부제: Studies suggest growing number of young Koreans are parting ways with the traditional concept of family

기사 요약: ‘가족’을 떠올리면 부모와 자녀가 떠오르는가? 늘어나는 비혼과 딩크족에 가족의 개념이 바뀌고 있다.

 [1] A married couple and their children is what usually pops up in most people’s heads when hearing the word “family,” at least until now. But recent research indicates that this picture may be changing for a growing number of the local population, especially for youngsters.

*pop up: 튀어나오다, 불쑥 나타나다
*indicate: 나타내다, 가리키다
*youngster: 청년, 젊은이

[2] Not only are more young people factoring kids out of their equations, more are saying they will not get married at all.

*factor out: 제외하다, 뽑아내다

[3] The year 2020 marked the first time in history where more men in their 30s -- 50.8 percent -- were single than married. As with childless couples, the financial consideration is among the biggest reasons.
*mark: 표시하다, 기록하다

[4] A 34-year-old office worker stationed in Incheon surnamed Lee said he is postponing marriage until after acquiring some kind of financial stability. “I wouldn’t rule out marriage as an option, but I don’t want to rush into it without sufficient funding,” he said.

*stationed: 주둔하는, 배치된
*postpone: 연기하다
*acquire: 획득하다
*rule out: 제외시키다, 배제하다
*rush into: 급하게 하다, 무모하게 하다

기사 원문:

2. [Weekender] Planting for peace of mind

기사 요약: 식물 키우기가 마음에 평화와 스트레스 해소에 큰 도움이 된다.

[1] For Kim Yoo-jun, a 31-year-old firefighter, farming is a newfound hobby -- not necessarily to put fresh vegetables on his table, but to regain strength to continue his mission of saving lives.

*newfound: 새로 발견된, 최근에 눈에 띄는
*regain: 되찾다, 회복하다

[2] Looking back at the last three years, Kim realized that he was under a lot of stress at his high-risk job. He realized that he desperately needed to do something other than taking pills or counseling to manage his stress.

Kim is one of a growing number of people in South Korea who have begun care farming as an alternative form of treatment or medicine.

*growing: 증가하는
*alternative: 대안, 대체 가능한

[3] After analyzing the brainwaves of the participating officers, their cortisol concentration levels reduced by 23 percent compared to before the program. Cortisol affects several aspects of your body and mainly helps regulate your body’s response to stress.

*regulate: 규제하다, 조절하다
*response: 응답, 반응

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