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[Herald Interview] Kim Se-jeong says ‘Business Proposal’ was her all-time favorite drama

April 10, 2022 - 14:50 By Lee Si-jin
Kim Se-jeong (Jellyfish Entertainment)

Kim Se-jeong, 25, has already had success as an actor, with KBS’ “School 2017” (2017), “I Wanna Hear Your Song” (2019) and OCN’s “The Uncanny Counter” (2020-21), but her latest project “Business Proposal” could be the best so far.

“I don’t know how things will change in the future, but ‘Business Proposal’ is definitely my all-time favorite drama so far. From storylines to the synergy between the actors and staff members, every experience was amazing,” Kim said during an online press interview with a group of reporters Friday.

The series became the first by a Korean terrestrial broadcaster to top Netflix’s weekly chart of non-English shows. Former chart toppers “Squid Game” and “Hellbound” were both Netflix originals.

“I was confident that our drama is powerful enough to mesmerize the viewers with clever and hilarious twists on common cliches. But I never expected it (to attract viewers) to this extent,” Kim said with a smile.

The drama is adapted from a webtoon, and Kim said that she needed to think hard to balance acting the script while respecting the source material.
Kim Se-jeong stars as the young office worker Shin Ha-ri, who shows up for a blind date disguised as her friend, in “Business Proposal.” (SBS)

“The character that I will be playing in front of the camera is in the drama script. It might be a little different from the original webtoon, but I try to stay focused on my scenario,” Kim told The Korea Herald.

“But, I am aware that the webtoon fans are enjoying the drama as well, hoping to see how their favorite series is adapted into a video format. I am definitely concerned about those expectations. I need to study both the webtoon and script to balance these factors to satisfy the fans from two sides.”

Kim believed that the series’ unique presentation of combining the comic aspect was another key to making her character Shin Ha-ri loved by the viewers.

“The computer graphics in ‘Business Proposal’ were splendid, making Ha-ri more charming and adding value to our rom-com series. I was also excited to watch how my character is presented in the series as a viewer,” Kim said.

After the success in her rom-com series, Kim was surprised to see her previous works receiving more attention.
Kim Se-jeong (Jellyfish Entertainment)

“I am grateful that many people want to know more about Kim Se-jeong after watching ‘Business Proposal.’ As I see fans are enjoying my music and previous television dramas, I became more determined to work hard to not be ashamed by my future,” the actor said.

Kim is also a singer, having debuted as part of girl group I.O.I in 2016, sung with another girl group, Gugudan, on top of a solo career.

With her drama having come to an end on April 5, Kim was interested in making a comeback as a solo artist.

“I have been writing many songs after the latest mini album in 2021. I hope I can show my side as the singer,” Kim said.

She is hoping to release new music this year.

On the acting side, Kim said she wanted to appear in a film.

“I have never played a role in a movie. Though they might look similar, I am certain that acting in the television drama and film are completely different. So I wish to challenge myself in a movie, especially in a musical film.”

The 12-part series ranked fourth place as of Sunday on the global Netflix chart, according to the US-based streaming analytics firm FlixPatrol.

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