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[Interactive] Monthly salary of wage workers up 3.6%

April 1, 2022 - 09:01 By Nam Kyung-don


 The average monthly salary of wage earners rose 3.6 percent on-year in 2020 from a year earlier despite the COVID-19 pandemic, a government report showed.
 South Korean wage workers earned a monthly average of 3.2 million won ($2,669) in December 2020, up from 3.09 million won a year earlier, according to the report from Statistics Korea.
 The figure for workers with large companies stood at 5.29 million won, with those in smaller firms earning 2.59 million won. 
 The monthly pay for male wage workers gained 3.1 percent on-year to 3.71 million won in December 2020, 1.5 times the 2.47 million for female employees, which was up 4.7 percent from a year earlier. (Yonhap)