[MWC 2022] KT debuts AI coaching app for K-pop dance
Published : Feb 28, 2022 - 16:11
Updated : Feb 28, 2022 - 16:11
A visitor follows dance instruction provided by an app developed by KT at its exhibition booth at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Monday. (KT Corp.)
KT Corp. said Monday it has debuted a new artificial intelligence-based coaching app for K-pop dance, called KT Real Dance, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that kicked off Monday.

When users dance in front of a smartphone camera along with a virtual instructor, the app records a synchronized video, analyzes dance moves, and offers tips on how to improve one‘s dancing skills.

The app also counts calories burned during the dance classes as well.

At its MWC exhibition booth, KT has set up a Real Dance studio by installing cameras from multiple angles. Visitors can dance to the coaching app and get feedback on the spot.

KT plans to launch the app in the first half of this year, hinting at extending related services that help enjoy K-pop dance classes without space constraints.

“Based on our video-based AI solutions, we will lead the digital transition in education and entertainment sectors. Ultimately, we aim to become a leader in the burgeoning metaverse era,” said Bae Soon-min, an AI and digital transition head at the KT Convergence Technology Institute.

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