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Kakao Entertainment releases new webtoon ‘Call Sign’

Jan. 14, 2022 - 14:38 By Lee Si-jin
Cover images of the web novel (left) and webtoon versions of “Call Sign”

Kakao Entertainment released well-known author Cho Seok-ho’s new series “Call Sign” as both a web novel and a webtoon on Friday.

“Call Sign,” one of the most anticipated projects of the first half of the year, revolves around a rookie firefighter who has the ability to save others’ lives by putting his own life at stake.

“In our world, there are many people who put all of their passion and whole heart into saving other people’s lives. Similar to how Dr. Choi showed the joy and sorrow of a doctor’s life in my previous series, I hope to present a story about firefighters, who risk their lives to protect others’ life and property,” a Kakao Entertainment press release quoted Cho as saying.

“I also hope the readers and webtoon fans can learn and have basic knowledge about first aid and emergency medical treatment in an unexpected accident or disaster,” the author added.

“Call Sign” is a joint project between Cho, the creator of Kakao Page’s 1.1 billion-view webtoon “Dr. Choi Tae-soo,” and renowned illustrator Lim Gang-hyuk of webtoon “PEAK.”

The web novel and webtoon series will be released at 4 p.m. and 10 p.m., respectively, on Friday.

Both projects are serialized on Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon.

Meanwhile, Kakao Entertainment is marking Cho’s return with an opportunity to enjoy Cho’s previous webtoon series -- “Dr. Choi Tae-soo” and “From the Grave and Back.”

“Call Sign” will be produced in Korean and English.

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