[Photo News] Net-zero joint market in Daejeon
Published : Dec 25, 2021 - 16:00
Updated : Dec 26, 2021 - 14:22
Social cooperative association Energyhaeyou established the third net-zero joint market in Beop-dong, Daejeon, following its previous establishments in Miho-dong and Gwanjeo-dong.

The net-zero movement, or carbon-zero movement, aims to completely neutralize the amount of greenhouse gases produced by human activity and save the environment primarily by reducing carbon emissions. 

Energyhaeyou aims to create a sustainable, safe and clean society by actively expanding its energy conversion movement for more utilization of renewable energy, together with the energy efficiency movement.

Energyhaeyou’s net-zero joint markets have been serving as an open space of communication for people to participate in the net-zero movement. Its newest joint market in Beop-dong shares space with an existing energy cafe in the same area. It features diverse zero-waste products including shampoo bars, solid toothpastes, bio plastic toothbrushes and pens, eco-friendly dishwashing pads, recycled paper notebooks and pet products without plastic packaging.

By Park Jin (