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[Photo News] Used Bourbon Barrels or Christmas Tree?

Nov. 27, 2021 - 16:01 By Ko Yoon-hee
The US state of Kentucky is well reputed for its bourbon.

However, during the holidays, something quite unexpected but still related to bourbon is what entertains the people of Kentucky.

Instead of the liquor itself, a gigantic Christmas tree made of bourbon barrels is on display in Smiths Grove, a small town of not much over 700 people nearby Mammoth Cave National Park.

This interesting tradition began in 2020 when Cody Vincent and his family made a tree out of bourbon barrels they sold through their business, Bourbon Barrel Brothers. 

The Christmas tree from last year was made with 200 barrels and approximately 2,000 lights. It weighed over 11,000 kilograms and stood over 9 meters tall.

After it gained fame, the brothers decided to give the tree a little upgrade.

This year, the tree is made of 450 used bourbon barrels, roughly 4,000 lights and stands some 14 meters tall. 

Many people, including the brothers, think the tree is now much more sightworthy, as the lights radiate a beautiful aura into the nighttime sky.

(Photos: AP)

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