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NK media slams US for meddling in Taiwan issues, voices support for 'One China policy'

Sept. 15, 2021 - 09:13 By Yonhap
Flags of China and North Korea (123rf)
A North Korean state media outlet on Wednesday denounced the United States for meddling in Taiwan issues and voiced its support for Beijing's "One China policy" amid the deepening Sino-US rivalry.

The Korean Central News Agency issued the criticism in an opinion piece attributed to an individual writer as South Korea's Foreign Minister Chung Eui-yong and his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, were set to hold talks in Seoul on Wednesday.

"Recently the US has openly intervened in the Taiwan issue as part of its anti-China pressure offensive, thereby threatening the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China," the KCNA said.

"The aim sought by the US through its attachment to the sensitive Taiwan issue is to use it as a means for putting pressure on China so as to deter China from making growth, disintegrate the country and stamp out its socialist system in the end," it added.

As recent examples of the US meddling in Taiwanese issues, the KCNA cited US planes' landing at a Taiwan airport, Washington's decision to sell $750 million worth of weapons to Taiwan and its plan to invite the "president" of Taiwan to an international conference.

"The US moves clearly prove the nature of the American empire that is leaving no means untried in a bid to attain its sordid purpose," the KCNA said. "China is strongly standing against the US moves designed at the permanent division of the country."

China regards Taiwan as part of its territory under the "One China policy" and considers treating the country independently as an interference in its domestic affairs.

The KCNA also criticized the US for "building up armed forces in and around the Korean Peninsula in its persistent moves to perpetuate the division of the Korean nation and territory and disrupt peace and stability in the region."

"The Korean people reject the US moves for interference in the internal affairs and division and will always stand with the Chinese people on the road for defending the socialist cause," the KCNA said. (Yonhap)