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KIS students design website on sustainability and recycling

Aug. 29, 2021 - 16:00 By Korea Herald
Alex (left) and Justin, two Korea International School students who created a website on recycling ice packs (KIS)

Two Korea International School students have launched a website to educate consumers on recycling ice packs as the school offers support for its members to carry out sustainability initiatives with its commitment to applied learning and service.

The website named Ice Pack Project, designed by two 12th grade students, Justin and Alex from KIS, is designed to educate consumers why it is important to recycle ice packs and where to recycle them. The duo believed more ice packs need to be recycled, as it is less expensive for businesses to purchase new ice packs than reusing them.

Gel-containing ice packs have proven to be challenging in being properly recycled, as they contain microplastics, which are harmful to ingest and not biodegradable.

The website the two students created provides educational material on the environmental and economic impact of ice packs, and informs visitors of ice pack recycling drop-off sites near them.

KIS said the two students were supported by KIS service and sustainability coordinator Nate Samuelson with a determination to help raise awareness of the issue and challenge consumers to assume more responsibility. The students also received help from another faculty adviser.

The school said it has helped students like Justin and Alex to focus on social contribution and responding to others with compassion under its emphasis on global citizenship, integrity, adaptability, balance in life and empowerment.

The school added it encourages students at all grade levels to use their knowledge and skills to help others, especially on sustainable service initiatives.