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LG CNS provides AI solution for public English education

June 8, 2021 - 16:15 By Song Su-hyun

LG CNS CEO Kim Young-shub (left) and Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education superintendent Cho Hee-yeon pose after a memorandum of understanding signing Monday. (LG CNS)

LG CNS, an IT solution affiliate of LG Group, said Tuesday the company will provide artificial intelligence tutor services to support public English education at elementary through high schools in Seoul.

The LG affiliate said it signed a memorandum of understanding with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education on Monday to cooperate on an English teaching service dubbed “AI Tutor,” which will run based on the firm’s artificial intelligence program.

The memorandum will support around 800,000 students from elementary to high schools to be able to study English both at home and school.

The AI Tutor program will focus on improving speaking skills, providing the specialized platform Speaking Class for students.

The company and education authority will work together to host English speaking contests as well.

LG will be offering the AI Tutor and Speaking Class services for free, it said.

AI Tutor is a commercialized service with 760,000 subscribers.

With Carrot Global, YBM Net, Yoons English School and Pagoda as partners, it enables users to learn and practice hundreds of thousands of English sentences via smartphone. Including LG, employees of 150 companies are using the smartphone app.

The Seoul Education Office plans to provide the LG platforms for around 1,300 elementary, middle and high schools in Seoul, and have teachers utilize the service for both regular and after-school classes.

“The latest MOU will serve as an opportunity to introduce AI to public education,” said LG CNS CEO Kim Young-shub. “The company will contribute to public education with a belief that education is the cornerstone for any future.”

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