Shareholders approve new Hana Financial chief, Mirae Asset name change
Published : Mar 24, 2021 - 18:24
Updated : Mar 24, 2021 - 18:24
Clockwise from top left: Hana Financial Investment CEO Lee Eun-hyung; Mirae Asset Securities Executive Vice Chairman Choi Hyun-man and President Kim Jae-sik; Hanwha Investment and Securities CEO Kwon Hee-baek; Kyobo Securities co-CEOs Park Bong-kwon and Lee Seok-ki (Courtesy of respective companies)
Hana Financial Investment shareholders approved the appointment of a new CEO on Wednesday -- a former vice chairman of global business at Hana Financial Group who has pledged to strengthen digital innovation and sharpen global competitiveness.

As both shareholders and board members of the brokerage arm of Hana Financial Group agreed to welcome the new leader, 47-year-old Lee Eun-hyung is now the nation’s youngest chief within the securities industry.

Hana Investment identified the CEO as best person to help it expand its global footprint. Lee is known for his global mindset and his fluency in five languages, the company said.

The Korea University graduate earned his master’s and doctoral degrees at China’s Jilin University, where he later taught Northeast Asian studies before being recommended as a professor at Beijing University.

He first joined Hana Financial Group in 2011, then served as a vice chairman at China Minsheng Investment. Lee returned to the group six years later and contributed to its global expansion initiative.

Upon his appointment as the brokerage’s new chief, Lee highlighted initiatives such as digital innovation; stronger global competitiveness; and a management style focused on environmental, social and corporate governance.

Mirae Asset Daewoo also clinched the green light to deal with key pending issues on the same day.

Shareholders and the board of directors agreed to reappoint Choi Hyun-man, one of the firm’s incumbent CEOs, and install Kim Jae-sik as the company’s new president. Co-CEO Cho Woong-ki stepped down.

The investment giant also resolved to change its corporate name to Mirae Asset Securities, five years after the merger between Mirae Asset Securities and KDB Daewoo Securities. This is to reinforce the company’s global brand power, Mirae Asset explained.

Shareholders of Mirae Asset further approved the establishment of an in-house committee focused on environmental, social and corporate governance.

Kwon Hee-baek, the incumbent CEO of Hanwha Investment & Securities, extended his leadership as shareholders approved his reappointment. The 59-year-old CEO has held his position since July 2017 and began his second consecutive term in March 2019.

Earlier this month, Hanwha Investment’s CEO nomination committee again selected Kwon as the sole candidate for the brokerage firm’s leadership. His third term will end in March 2023.

Kyobo Securities retained its dual CEO system but newly appointed Lee Seok-ki as one of its new chiefs, along with another incumbent CEO Park Bong-kwon. Kyobo’s longest-serving CEO, Kim Hae-joon, resigned from his position after 13 years.

Lee is the former executive adviser of the firm and previously served as vice president of Kyobo Life Insurance. Under the co-CEO system, Kyobo hopes to secure sustainable future growth engines, the company said.

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