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Seoul Institute of the Arts presents ‘Genoma Scenico’ with Nicola Galli

Feb. 9, 2021 - 14:02 By Song Donna
The Seoul Institute of the Arts offers a global art and technology game created by Italian choreographer Nicola Galli. (Seoul Institute of the Arts)
The Seoul Institute of the Arts livestreamed a dance workshop with Italian choreographer Nicola Galli on Tuesday through the school’s official YouTube channel.

The workshop, streamed at 5 p.m. and again at 6:30 p.m., is part of the “Crossing the Sea” project undertaken with the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture and Heritage. Its purpose is to connect the arts scenes in Italy, Asia and the Middle East.

Students can become choreographers by playing this online dance game. (Seoul Institute of the Arts)
Italian choreographer Jacopo Jenna began the workshops in 2019, and now the workshops continue with Nicola Galli, who creates performances that incorporate theater and modern dance. Galli created the interactive choreographic game “Genoma Scenico” in 2018.

Participants play Genoma Scenico online through livestream screens at ATEC. (Seoul Institute of the Arts)
Originally an offline game, Genoma Scenico is now online and allows users to choose cards that determine the choreography for the dancers.

The workshop was held online from Feb. 1 to Tuesday at ATEC, the institute’s center for research and creative activity. Artists and 10 students worked to create realistic workshops with the guidance of dancer and dance professor Jang Hye-jin. To abide by the quarantine guidelines, the two teams occupied different studios.

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