Monday was coldest day this fall in Seoul
Published : Nov 23, 2020 - 13:12
Updated : Nov 23, 2020 - 13:12
Vapor from heating being released from buildings in central Seoul on Monday. (Yonhap)
Temperatures fell to minus 1.5 degrees Celsius in Seoul on Monday morning, making it the coldest day so far this fall season.

Due to the inflow of cold air from the northwest overnight, temperatures fell by between 4 and 12 degrees nationwide to below freezing in central inland regions and inland areas of the Gyeongsang provinces, the Korea Meteorological Agency said. They fell between 0 and 5 degrees in other regions.

The mercury dipped below 0 degrees Celsius in 11 towns and counties in North Gyeongsang Province, where a cold wave advisory was issued from 11 p.m. on Sunday.

In the Chungcheong region, temperatures in Jecheon, Eumseong, Goesan and Cheonan also hit subzero levels.

A cold wave advisory is issued when the morning lows mark minus 12 degrees or lower for two days in a row or when the mercury falls sharply, which could cause significant damage.

The current cold snap is expected to continue through Wednesday.

“Similar morning temperatures are expected for Tuesday and Wednesday, and most inland areas are forecast to have subzero temperatures,” the KMA said in a daily forecast.

Tuesday’s morning lows are forecast to range between minus 7 and plus 5 degrees nationwide. Seoul is likely to stay above freezing, the KMA said.

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