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Amazon Global Selling Korea to ramp up support for sellers

Oct. 15, 2020 - 17:37 By Yim Hyun-su
Lee Sung-han, Country Head of Amazon Global Selling Korea (Amazon Global Selling Korea)
Amazon Global Selling Korea said on Thursday it is ramping up support to help sellers and businesses branch out into the international market.

Speaking at a livestreamed press event, Lee Sung-han, head of the South Korean unit of the e-commerce giant’s export program, praised South Korea’s handling of the pandemic as he unveiled plans to assist businesses in the country.

“Despite the pandemic this year, we thank many sellers in South Korea who worked with Amazon to provide high quality products such as medical supplies and daily necessities to global customers, medical institutions and governments,” he said.

Lee also added Amazon Global Selling Korea will help make South Korean products and brands available on Amazon stores in multiple countries in 2021 including the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan and India, to name a few.

As part of its efforts, the company said it will strengthen the “K-category” to help businesses with their forays into the global markets, including beauty and fashion brands, as well as offering additional help for those who sell IT and office supplies.

The company also said it is extending its support program designed to help startups go digital to offset the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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