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[팟캐스트] (371) 아동성착취물 범죄, 최고 29년 형 / 팬데믹에 제주 가상출국 이색여행

Sept. 23, 2020 - 15:39 By Jo He-rim


진행자: 조혜림, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Child porn offenders could be sentenced to 29 years in jail

요약: 대법 양형위 새 양형기준안 발표, 아동청소년 성착취물 범죄, 최고 29년 3개월 형 선고 가능

[1] The country’s highest court decided to strengthen sentencing guidelines for digital sex crimes Tuesday, enabling producers of child pornography to be punished by up to 29 years in prison.
*sentence: 형벌, 형을 선고하다
*enable: (사람에게) ~을 할 수 있게하다

[2] The decision from the Supreme Court’s sentencing commission came following public outcry over lenient punishments handed down to offenders involved in child pornography here, compared to those in other countries.
*outcry: (대중들의) 격렬한 반응, 항의
*lenient: (처벌, 규칙 적용이) 관대한
*hand down: 선고하다; ~을 물려주다
*offender: 범죄자, 가해자

[3] The new guidelines recommend judges sentence people convicted of producing child or juvenile porn habitually to a prison term of at least 10 years and six months to up to 29 years and three months. The recommended jail time for multiple offenders is between seven years and 29 years and three months.
*habitually: 습관적으로, 상습적으로
*prison term: 형기

[4] Conditions for aggravated punishments were attached that stipulate those who sell such content could face six years to 27 years behind bars. Distributors could be given jail terms of four years to 18 years and purchasers between one year and six months and six years and nine months.
*aggravated: (범행이) 가중처벌이 가능한
*stipulate: 규정, 명기하다


2. 120 Taiwanese tourists to experience Korea from high above

요약: 펜데믹 시대 이색 여행법, 대만 여행객 120명 ‘가상 출국체험,’ 제주 상공 돌고 회항

[1] Tiwanese travelers are to board a flight that will take off to Jeju Island -- before landing right where it started.

The Korea Tourism Organization‘s Taipei office, Taiwanese travel agency Ezfly and airline Tiger Air introduced a flight deal from Taipei to Jeju Island on Friday, selling out in just four minutes. The flight will not land on Jeju Island, however, it will circle above the island before returning to Taipei.
*sell out: 매진되다
*land: 착륙하다; 땅
*circle: 빙빙돌다; 동그라미

[2] To offer an experience of Korean travel, passengers will have a chance to try on hanbok, or Korean costume, and take photos in front of the airplane before boarding at Taipei Airport. Fried chicken and beer, often featured in Korean drama series, will be served as the in-flight meal. Also, the Jeju Tourism Organization has prepared a quiz show and seminar on the island for passengers on the jet.
*feature: 특색; 특별히 포함하다, 특징으로 삼다
*in-flight 기내

[3] As the pandemic batters the global tourism industry, travel agencies and carriers are coming up with novel ideas for survival.
*batter: (손상이 가해지도록 계속) 두드리다, 때리다
*carrier: 항공사, 수송회사
*novel: 새로운


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