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Han Sung Motor paints mural to improve regional environment

Sept. 9, 2020 - 11:45 By Shin Ji-hye

Artist Artime Joe (center), branch manager of Han Sung Motor’s Seongnam exhibition hall Choi Soo-han (second from left) and participants pose for a photo in front of the mural near the exhibition hall Sept. 1. (Han Sung Motor)
Han Sung Motor, an official dealer of Mercedes-Benz Korea, said Wednesday that it has completed work on a mural near its Seongnam exhibition hall.

The automotive dealer said it had painted an old wall measuring about 50 meters wide and created the mural to improve the regional environment.

The mural was painted under the voluntary initiative of Han Sung Motor’s Seongnam unit to re-create the alley as a street where people want to walk and a “street of youth,” according to the company.

About 10 residents of the neighborhood took part in the project along with graffiti artist Artime Joe and employees of the Seongnam exhibition hall, the company said. It started Aug. 18 and took two weeks to complete.

The mural, the theme of which is “go with the flow,” reflects Artime Joe’s unique artistic style.

With intense colors and individualistic text, the mural conveys a free and lively feeling by depicting characters enjoying music, skateboarding and graffiti representative of youth culture.

“At a time when society is suffering from various difficulties, we hope that mural paintings at Seongnam’s exhibition hall can be a small consolation and strength for visitors to the exhibition hall and residents in Seongnam,” said Han Sung Motor CEO Ulf Ausprung.

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