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Hyundai Motor joins IFA 2020 to unveil eco-friendly vehicle technology

Sept. 4, 2020 - 11:51 By Shin Ji-hye
Hyundai Motor’s hydrogen electric truck Xcient that was shipped to Switzerland in July (Hyundai Motor)
Hyundai Motor participated in the IFA 2020 exhibition in Berlin, Germany, for the first time, demonstrating its brand vision based on eco-friendly vehicle technology, the firm said Friday.

The automaker, which is pushing to shift from a traditional car manufacturer to a smart mobility company, aims to strengthen its leadership in eco-friendly mobility technology in the European market. In Europe, demand for eco-friendly cars such as hydrogen and electric vehicles is rapidly increasing due to strict environmental regulations.

This year, the event was held both online and offline due to the coronavirus. Hyundai participated in the online sector.

On Thursday, Hyundai Motor held a discussion on the potential of hydrogen fuel cell technology at the IFA 2020 digital-only event “IFA Extended Space Special” under the theme “Open the way to future fuel, hydrogen society.”

Participants in the discussion shared their views on the hydrogen charging infrastructure in Europe, the importance of building a renewable hydrogen supply chain, hydrogen energy transport and storage solutions and the European Union’s vision to accelerate the introduction of hydrogen mobility.

On Friday, the automaker introduced its vision to transform itself into a smart mobility company and unveil its strategy for Ioniq, a pure electric car brand that is equipped with an electric-global modular platform (E-GMP). 

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