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Ikea, Lego Group team up to roll out Bygglek series

Aug. 28, 2020 - 17:13 By Jo He-rim
Bygglek (Ikea Korea)

Global furnishing company Ikea and Lego Group on Friday introduced a new collaboration project Bygglek, which combines the concept of play and storage.

The two companies said they have teamed up to develop a solution to facilitate playing with the lego bricks at home while lessening the burden of cleaning up and organizing.

Bygglek is a box-shaped storage closet with the lego studs, allowing children to play, exhibit their work inside, and also store them after playing, Ikea explained.

“A space where adults believe needs to be organized, may be a play space for children to expand their imagination infinitely,” Andreas Fredriksson, a designer at Ikea said.

“Bygglek is a smart solution where both the adults and children can enjoy creative play, and also make home a happier place.”

The new product will come in four types, to be released first in Europe and North America from Oct. 1.

Ikea Korea said Bygglek will be launched in Korea within this year, and will be distributed in its stores here and online mall.

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