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JeongSeon Forum 2020 kicks off, spotlighting sustainable Earth, balanced life

Aug. 19, 2020 - 15:19 By Lee Sae-byul
JeongSeon Forum 2020 (Gangwon Provincial Government)

In commemoration of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics’ second anniversary, JeongSeon Forum 2020 will kick off its three-day run Thursday at High1 Grand Hotel Convention Tower in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province.

JeongSeon Forum 2020, hosted by the Gangwon Provincial Government and Gangwon Convention & Visitors Bureau, will serve as a venue where the international community and its global citizens discuss the Earth and human beings’ coexistence, under the theme of “Sustainable Earth and Balanced Human Life.”

This year, the world is struggling with the extended fight against coronavirus and the event is expected to bring about meaningful discourse as manifested in its subtheme, “New Normal in Post-COVID-19.” This is focused on exploring the challenges entailed in the pandemic, as well as ways to cope with the unprecedented situation while maintaining co-prosperity.

Organized with various keynote speeches, lectures and sessions, the forum will touch upon four different subjects: Earth, humanity, Gangwon Province and enterprises. Each subject will provide opportunities for participants to learn and explore creative action plans and future values.

Live coverage of the forum will be streamed online through Gangwon Province’s official YouTube channel, in accordance with the government’s social distancing guidelines to prevent further infections and ensure visitors’ safety.

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