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Comedian indicted for hidden cameras in TV network’s restroom

July 21, 2020 - 16:37 By Kim Tae-eun
A scene from ‘Gag Concert’ recording. (KBS)

The Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office decided Tuesday to indict a freelance comedian surnamed Park for allegedly having installed hidden cameras in a women’s restroom inside the building of the state-run KBS TV.

Park is suspected of hiding spy cameras on May 29 in the form of a portable battery charger in a women’s restroom inside a KBS building that had been used by members of sketch comedy show “Gag Concert.”

The case was sent to the prosecution for indictment on June 30 after police conducted the investigation.

KBS TV released an official statement saying it felt great responsibility. The public broadcaster came under criticism for not apologizing when the incident was revealed, instead saying the suspect was not a regular employee.

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