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[Herald Interview] Golden Child quenches fans’ thirst with fun-filled live chat

July 21, 2020 - 15:27 By Hong Dam-young
Having returned with “Lucid Dream,” Golden Child recently sat down with The Korea Herald to quench fans’ thirst for a lively chat filled with fun-filled details.

The conversation took place at the Herald headquarters in Seoul, where the bandmates played “Who’s Who” game and answered Twitter questions, unleashing their most natural, fun selves. Although the broadcast took place on a rainy Monday morning, the studio was brightly lit by the boys’ unbridled energy. Only six members of the 10-piece band, Joochan, Jibeom, Seungmin, Tag, Jaehyun and Y, took part -- the other bandmates had conflicting schedules -- but the void was not felt.

After introducing themselves in English, the boys played “Who’s Who” game via Naver’s V Live where they answered questions on who’s most likely to do certain actions. Jaehyun, who was picked as the member who’s most likely to get nervous onstage, said, “I have a habit of tapping on my arms before going onstage for better blood circulation. I recommend you try it!” 

Golden Child (By Hong Dam-young / The Korea Herald)
Tapped as members who make most mistakes during dance practice, Jaehyun, Tag and Y jokingly said they would make up for it and showcased the choreography for “Lucid Dream” without a hitch.

Asked what kinds of songs they would like for a soundtrack for Golden Child’s movie, Y chose “I’m Falling” while Joochan sang “You Turn Me on Baby” and Jibeom lent his voice to “Let Me,” a lighthearted song by the group. Spicing up the mood, Jibeom went onto sing “November Rain” by Jannabi, one of his favorite bands, so that viewers could get over the rainy Monday blues.

The group shared that the most emotional member is Joochan, as he often sheds tears after watching sad movies but orders chicken right after that, while Y got chosen as the member who sings most in the shower. Each member also took time to shine, with Joochan imitating the sound of raindrops and Tag comically dancing to “Ah-Choo” by the group’s label mate Lovelyz. Pumping up the mood, Jibeom and Jaehyun entertained viewers by putting on a goofy freestyle dance battle.

Switching between Korean and English, the six musicians kept communicating with global fans throughout the hourlong session that racked up over 3.1 million hearts and 22,000 views.

The Twitter Q&A session also saw them answering various queries, such as which countries they’d like to be born in other than Korea, how they would like to be remembered as a group, what they would say to their younger selves and what they would be doing 10 years from now.

“Even after 10 years, we’d like to keep continuing activities as Golden Child,” said Tag.

“Just like there’s a certain celebrity who immediately draws out a smile and joy, we’d like to give a bit of smile to people, as life sometimes could be succession of pain,” added Jibeom.

Golden Child dropped its fourth EP “Take a Leap,” featuring new single “Lucid Dream,” in June. The group recently competed in Mnet’s idol competition show “Road to Kingdom.”

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