LG donates electronic masks to Severance Hospital
Published : Jul 12, 2020 - 15:42
Updated : Jul 12, 2020 - 15:42
Officials from LG Electronics and Severance Hospital pose during a ceremony held to mark donation of 2,000 electronic masks on Sunday. (LG Electronics)

LG Electronics said Sunday it has developed an electronic mask using its air purifier technology and donated 2,000 units to the Severance Hospital in Seoul.

The company utilized its know-how on air purifying machines to develop the electronic mask.

The mask has two H13 HEPA filters that are replaceable and a user can inhale air through the filters. Under the filters, there is a tiny fan that can control the amount of air. The fan is applied with an algorithm that raises the fan speed to let in more air when the user breathes in.

The mask also features a sensor that detects pressures occurring when the user breathes in and out.

LG has teamed up with Korea University to design the mask that scientifically fits the human face. 

(LG Electronics)

The product has received the Electro Magnetic Field Mark from Korea Testing Certification, which is given to products that release electromagnetic waves less than a certain level.

Commercialization of the electronic mask hasn’t been confirmed yet, the company.

“Amid the protracting COVID-19 pandemic, the company hopes the electronic mask helps medical staff who have to work wearing masks for many hours,” said Lee Gam-gyu, executive vice president at LG Electronics.

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