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Hyundai Motor rolls out truck-based camping car

July 2, 2020 - 15:28 By Kim Da-sol
Porest (Hyundai Motor Group)

Hyundai Motor announced Thursday the launch of a small-sized truck Porter 2-based camping car Porest, which can fit up to four adults.

Porest -- a combination of “Porter” and “rest” -- was developed under the concept of moving house and will be launched next week here. 

Amid increasing consumer demand for camping cars, the automaker said it has focused on making Porest’s interior space practical. 

According to government data, the number of registered camping cars in the country showed a fivefold jump from 2014-2019. The market size is estimated to be worth around 130 billion won ($108 million). 

Porest has separated the interior under two functions, smart room and smart bed, so the rear of the car can be stretched by 800 millimeters depending on usage. When using smart bed, the bedroom area can be separated into two stories. 

Additional camping seats can be stacked in the second-row passenger seat area, which can transform the space into a seat, a sofa or a bed. 

Other convenient features include a shower booth, a toilet seat, a heater, an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a sink and a microwave. Various devices can be controlled via a mobile app through Bluetooth connection, the company said.

Customers can choose to attach solar battery panels to the Porest, so the campers can use an efficient battery charging system while camping. 

The price of Porest entry model, which can fit two people, is set at 48.9 million won. Porest standard and deluxe models, which can fit up to four adults, cost 64.3 million won and 77 million won, respectively. 

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