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[팟캐스트] (356) 여름 마스크 출시 / 태안 밀입국 보트 오판

June 10, 2020 - 09:24 By Korea Herald

진행: 손지형, Paul Kerry

1. Korea rolls out face masks for summer heat


팟빵 (안드로이드):

요약: 한국 여름 마스크 출시 후 온라인 판매 시작.

[1] A new type of face mask designed to be more breathable than the N95 or KF94 respirators while shielding people from respiratory droplets -- through which the spread of the novel coronavirus can occur -- has been launched in South Korea.

*respirators: 방독면, 호흡보호구
*shield A from B: A를 B로부터 막다
*respiratory droplets: 비말

[2] The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety fast-tracked approval for the masks, which function much like surgical masks, earlier this month for summertime usage by healthy individuals in nonrisky settings.

*fast-track approval: 신속심사하다
*function: 기능하다
*surgical: 수술용의
*settings: 환경

[3] A Drug Safety Ministry official told The Korea Herald that the new masks were intended for general purposes, and that those at increased risk of catching or transmitting the virus were still advised to wear the medical masks to protect against infections.

*general purposes: 일반적인 용도
*at the risk of -ing: -할 위험이 있는
*be advised to: -하도록 권장받다

[4] The masks, dubbed KF-AD, became available for purchase online starting Friday.

*dubbed: -라고 불리는
*be available for purchase: 구매 가능한

기사 원문:

2. Coast Guard replaces Taean unit chief over illegal entrants


팟빵 (안드로이드):

요약: 중국인이 충남 태안 해안가를 통해 고무보트로 밀입국했으나 군,경 당국이 대응을 소홀히 해 태안해경서장이 직위가 해제됨.

[1] The chief of the coast guard for Taean, South Chungcheong Province, has been removed from the post, and the chief of the Central Regional Coast Guard has been reprimanded over a recent series of illegal entries into the country through the West Sea.

*be removed from the post: (한 조직에서 가장 높은) 직위에서 해제되다
*reprimand: 질책하다
*a series of: 연달아 이어지는, 잇따른

[2] The Korea Coast Guard on Friday said that coast guard chief Ha Man-sik was removed from the post for failing to respond to boats carrying illegally entering immigrants from China.

*respond to: -에 대응하다

[3] Since April 20, three boats connected to illegally entering the country have been found within a 15-kilometer radius of Taean County.

*be connected to: -와 연관된
*radius: 반경

[4] According to a probe conducted by the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the motorboat used for smuggling Chinese nationals into Korea last month was detected by military surveillance assets 13 times, but the military did not respond, taking the boat for a fishing vessel.

*probe: 조사, 탐사
*smuggle: 밀입국하다, 밀수하다
*detect: 탐지하다
*surveillance: 감시
*take A for B: A를 B로 여기다

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