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Han River parks to donate crops to feed zoo animals

June 6, 2020 - 16:00 By Lee Sae-byul
(Seoul City Government-Yonhap)

Crops cultivated from Han River parks, including canola, rye and barley, are to be donated to Seoul Grand Park Zoo and several social welfare foundations, according to the Han River Project Center.

The decision was made through the Han River Project Center’s lengthy effort seeking effective means to address environmental concerns that arose annually regarding the unnecessarily wasteful disposal of the produce. Instead of discarding the crops entirely -- once they are done with serving their sole purpose to improve the cityscape -- the harvested crops will now be provided as herbivores’ feed with the Seoul Grand Park Zoo’s cooperation.

This year, approximately 30 tons of crops were reaped from farmland located in five different parks including Gwangnaru, which covers an area of 28,640 square meters in total. Among them, the Banpo, Yanghwa and Nanji Han River parks plan to donate 15 tons of canola, 7 tons of rye and 800 kilograms of barley, respectively.

Canola and rye will be used to supply special feed for zoo animals, while polished barley will be distributed to appropriate social welfare foundations in need.

Although this measure is initiated as a demonstration for now, the Center is considering its continuation if it proves to be effective.

“Even if they are no longer worth display, the crops still maintain significance as a crucial resource. Rather than discarding the crops immediately after the harvest, the redistribution of those in good quality to certain organizations could be the way to practice the value of sharing,” said Kim In-suk, a principal administrative officer of the Han River Project Center.

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