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[팟캐스트] (355) ‘흑인 사망’ 시위 지지하는 케이팝 가수와 팬들 / 법원 "아이와 동반자살은 극단적 아동학대"

June 2, 2020 - 18:10 By Korea Herald
진행자: 임현수, Paul Kerry

1. Donations, hashtags and fancams: K-pop world reacts to George Floyd protests


팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1] As protests continue following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died at the hands of police in the US, multiple K-pop stars and fandoms have joined in solidarity to speak up against police brutality.

*at the hands of: ~에 의해

*in solidarity: 연대하는

[2] In a tweet on Sunday, Mark Tuan from GOT7 told his followers to stay strong and safe as he announced his donation of $7,000 to George Floyd Memorial Fund.

*donation: 기부금

[3] Jae from rock band DAY6 donated to Minnesota Freedom Fund as he linked a page that shows ways to help the Black Lives Matter movement on social media while Eric Nam and Holland encouraged his fans to sign petitions.

*Black Lives Matter: 흑인의 목숨도 소중하다

*petition: 청원

[4] R&B and hip-hop singer Crush also took to Instagram to voice his support.

*take to: ~로 가다

[5] “Many artists and people around the world get so much inspiration by black culture and music including me. We have a duty to respect every race,” he wrote with the hashtags #ripgeorgefloyd and #blacklivesmatter.

*duty: 의무

*inspiration: 영감


2. ‘Murder-suicide with child is extreme child abuse’: court


팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1] Two women on trial for killing their children ahead of suicide attempts were sentenced to prison, with a judge calling the parents’ act nothing but “extreme child abuse,” Ulsan District Court said Monday.

*on trial: 재판중에

*suicide attempts: 자살시도

*nothing but: 그저 ~일 뿐

[2] In the two separate cases, the defendants, aged 42 and 40, were each sentenced to four years behind bars last week, according to Ulsan District Court.

*behind bars: 철창 속에 갇힌, 감옥살이

[3] “This is a form of extreme child abuse. As many experts point out, ‘double-suicides’ cannot be glamorized or embellished. The essence of the crime is killing one’s child with her own hands,” Chief Judge Park Ju-young said.

*point out: 지적하다

*essence: 본질

[4] Park added the crimes should not be regarded as “personal issues,” saying social safety nets have to be modified to protect minors.

*regarded as: ~로 다뤄지다

[5] The 42-year-old defendant allegedly killed her 2-year-old son in December 2018, after which she tried to take her own life.

*allegedly: 전해진 바에 의하면