Daewoong gets diabetic foot ulcer treatment halal-certified
Published : May 25, 2020 - 13:11
Updated : May 25, 2020 - 13:11
Easyef (Daewoong Pharmaceutical)
Daewoong Pharmaceutical said Monday it has acquired halal certification for its biologics drug Easyef solution.

Easyef solution is a recombinent human epidermal growth factor that treats diabetic foot ulcer.

“Since December 2019, it is required for all biologic drugs distributed in Indonesia to indicate whether they are halal certified or not. In order for the wider Muslim population to be able to access our drugs, we are expanding the number of halal certified products,” a Daewoong official told The Korea Herald.

Easyef solution is the second product from Daewoong to attain halal status, after the January approval for anemia treatment Epodion.

“Starting with Easyef and Epodion in Indonesia, we will strive to deliver safe, high-quality drugs to the 80 trillion won ($64.4 billion) Middle East pharmaceuticals market,” said Seo Chang-woo, president of Daewoong Infion.

Daewoong Infion is a joint venture between Korean company Daewoong and Indonesian firm Infion.

Established in 2012, Daewoong Infion plays a key role in obtaining the halal mark for Daewoong’s pharma products from Indonesia’s halal certifying organization LPPOM MUI.

LPPOM MUI, together with Malaysia’s JAKIM and Singapore’s MUIS, are the three major global halal screening bodies.

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