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[팟캐스트] (336) 중국발 코로나바이러스 확진 첫 사례 / 히말라야 눈사태

Jan. 22, 2020 - 13:56 By Korea Herald


진행자: 손지형, Paul Kerry

1. Seoul on alert after 1st confirmed case of coronavirus from China

팟빵 (안드로이드):

기사요약: '우한 폐렴'이라고도 불리는 신종 코로나바이러스 감염 확진 환자가 국내에서도 처음 확인.

[1] Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun on Monday ordered health authorities to respond quickly to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus from China, after the first case was confirmed in South Korea.

*order A to B: A에게 B하라고 명령하다
*health authorities: 보건당국
*prevent: 막다
*coronavirus: 코로나바이러스
*the first case was confirmed: 첫 확진 사례가 나오다

[2] On Monday, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that a Chinese woman had tested positive for the coronavirus.

*test positive for A: A에 대해 양성 반응을 보이다

[3] According to the KCDC, the woman -- a 35-year-old resident of Wuhan in China’s Hubei province -- arrived at Incheon International Airport on Sunday. She was quarantined upon arrival when she was observed to have a fever and other symptoms linked to the new coronavirus.

*be quarantined: 검역되다
*upon -: -하자마자
*be observed to: 하는 것으로 관찰되다
*symptoms: 증상
*be treated: 치료받다

[4] Now that the first case has been confirmed in Korea, the KCDC has raised the alert level from blue to yellow. The KCDC said an epidemiological investigation is underway, and that a response center has been launched to prevent the spread of the virus.

*now that: -이기 때문에
*raise the alert level: 위기경보 수준을 올리다
*epidemiological investigation: 전염병 역학 조사
*be underway: 진행중인
*response center: 비상대응센터

[5] According to the KCDC, the woman visited a doctor in China on Saturday with fever, muscle aches and other symptoms and was diagnosed as having a cold. The KCDC said she had not visited the market in Wuhan that has been connected to the spread of the virus, and has had no contact with wild animals.

*visit a doctor: 병원을 찾아가다
*be diagnosed with: -라고 진단받다
*be connected to: -와 연관되다
*wild animal: 야생동물

[6] The KCDC said that because the woman’s illness was detected at the quarantine checkpoint, she did not come into contact with the general population.

*detected at: -에서 탐지되다
*quarantine checkpoint: 검역소
*come into contact with: 접촉하다
*general population: 일반인

기사 전문:

2. Four Koreans still missing after Annapurna avalanche

팟빵 (안드로이드):

기사요약: 네팔 히말라야 산맥의 안나푸르나 지역에서 한국인 교사 4명 실종. 수색대 추가 투입했으나 발견하지 못해.

[1] Six people, including four South Koreans, remain missing in Nepal’s northwestern Himalayan region after an avalanche hit the area on Friday, Seoul’s Foreign Ministry said Sunday.

*missing: 실종
*avalanche: 눈사태
*hit: 덮치다

[2] The Nepali authorities said they have mobilized an additional six to 10 specialized police officers for a search mission that is underway. But heavy snowfall and rough weather conditions are making the search difficult.

*mobilize: 동원하다
*search mission: 수색작전
*underway: 진행중인
*make A difficult: A를 어렵게 하다

[3] The incident occurred Friday at about 11 a.m. (local time) when the avalanche swept the Deuralri area, at an altitude of 3,200 meters near a base camp in the Annapurna region, following heavy snowfall.

*occur: 발생하다
*sweep: 덮치다
*at an altitude of - meters: 고도 -미터에서

[4] Four Koreans are all teachers from South Chungcheong Province. The other two people who went missing are Nepali guides. The missing trekkers are part of the 11-teacher team taking part in a volunteer teaching program at schools in Kathmandu from Jan. 13-25.

*trekker: 등반객
*take part in: 참석하다
*volunteer teaching program: 교육봉사

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