KT aims to expand 5G technology into medical sector
Published : Nov 17, 2019 - 14:35
Updated : Nov 17, 2019 - 14:35

South Korean mobile carrier KT has pledged to develop a virtual reality surgery platform with a local software company in a push to expand the use of the fifth-generation wireless network into the medical industry.

According to the telecom firm on Sunday, it had signed a strategic partnership with Coreline Soft to integrate the 5G network into medical surgery. The signing ceremony was held Thursday at KT’s research center located in Seoul.

The memorandum of understanding included cooperation on developing a VR-based surgery guideline and a 3D images analysis tool, KT said. The two companies also agreed to enhance their partnership in creating a comprehensive 5G-based ecosystem in the medical industry. 

KT Infra Research Lab chief Lee Sun-woo(right) shakes hands with Coreline Soft chief Choi Jung-ho at a MOU signing ceremony in Seoul on Thursday. KT

“We are going to explore as many cases as possible about how to apply the 5G technology into medical sectors,” said Lee Sun-woo, the head of KT’s Infra Research Lab. “We want to provide a blueprint for the future of the medical industry with 5G technology.”

Establishing a partnership with Coreline Soft came months after KT had vowed to develop an AI-based medical emergency system with local hospitals and tech companies. In June, KT said it would work with Yonsei Severance Hospital, Kakao and local research institutes to develop the platform.