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KT plans to innovate IPTV with AI curation, VR contents

Nov. 4, 2019 - 16:18 By Yeo Jun-suk
Korean telecom giant KT on Monday pledged to transform its internet TV service with the technologies of artificial intelligence and virtual reality to improve the company’s standing in the paid TV market.

During its press conference held in downtown Seoul, KT announced a plan to overhaul its IPTV platform to meet the consumers’ changing needs.

According to KT, the innovation plan for IPTV service consists of three components: an AI-based recommendation system, VR-assisted streaming of movies and TV shows and micro-sized set-top boxes for IPTV.

“Without personalized services, home media devices can’t service,” Koo hyun-mo, who leads KT’s media platform business, told reporters at KT’s headquarters in Gwanghwamun. “AI can provide an answer to it.” 

Koo Hyun-moo, head of KT’s customer and media division, delivers a speech at a press conference at KT headquarters in downtown Seoul. (Yonhap)

Under the service called “AI curation” scheduled to be launched on Nov. 12, the company said its AI-based recommendation system could come up with customized content after analyzing subscribers’ TV viewing history.

The mobile carrier also said its IPTV subscribers could enjoy some 3,000 VR-based contents, such as those related to sports and online computer games. At a price of 9,900 won ($8.50) per month, users would be able to watch seamless VR images provided by 4K Ultra High Definition technology, KT said.

The AI-based recommendation system and VR streaming service will be available via micro-sized IPTV set-top boxes expected to hit the market on Nov. 20. The advanced device can help consumers cut down on electricity and telecom fees, KT said.

“I think it’s time to transform our IPTV service to catch up with changing media trends. … Based on KT’s AI technology and IPTV know-how, we are seeking to create a landscape for the new media business,” Koo said.

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