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LG launches world’s first capsule-type beer brewing machine

July 16, 2019 - 15:44 By Song Su-hyun
LG Electronics announced on Tuesday the commercial launch of the world’s first capsule-type automated beer maker in line with the growing home-brewing trend.

The LG HomeBrew machine will be rolled out with a retail price tag of 3.99 million won ($3,390) in South Korea, including the price of receiving after-sales service for up to three years and 10-year warranty for the core inverter compressor.

After inserting one capsule and water into the double-metal cylindrical machine, consumers can start brewing with a simple controller. A single brewing session provides five liters of beer. 

LG Electronics H&A President Song Dae-hyun (left) poses next to an LG HomeBrew machine during a press conference at the British Embassy in Seoul on Tuesday. (LG Electronics)

LG offers five types of capsules, including India pale ale, pale ale, stout, wheat and pilsner. Brewing wheat beer takes the shortest time of nine days, while lager-type pilsner takes 21 days. The brewing process can be viewed on a smartphone application.

The Korean firm has partnered with UK-based malt producer Muntons to co-develop capsules containing malt, yeast, hop oil and flavors. The British company has established new manufacturing facilities exclusively for the capsules.

The company has applied its proprietary microbrewing, sterilization and refrigerated storage technologies, it said.

“Rather than making the brewing machines a mass-volume product, we are targeting consumers who genuinely enjoy home-made beer, which is one of growing lifestyle trends,” said Song Dae-hyun, president of the home appliances business at LG.

LG is planning to launch the brewing machine in the US next year.

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