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Arrest warrants sought for protesters who occupied lawmaker’s National Assembly office

April 14, 2019 - 15:09 By Park Ju-young
Police on Saturday requested arrest warrants for two members of a progressive collegiate association for trespassing.

The two had occupied Liberty Korea Party Floor Leader Na Kyung-won’s office as part of a protest, Yeongdeungpo Police Station said Sunday. They are reportedly college students. 


They were among 22 members of the group who had occupied Rep. Na’s office at around 10 a.m. Friday to stage a protest demanding Na and Liberty Korea Party chief Hwang Kyo-ahn step down from their positions.

The members are calling for Na and Hwang to resign based on claims that Na made an inappropriate remark on Korean history and Hwang tried to cover up Kim Hak-eui’s sex bribery scandal and hindered attempts to find the truth regarding the Sewol Ferry tragedy.

During the 40-minute protest, the members chanted and carried placards. They also formed a scrummage by lying down on the ground when the National Assembly’s security staff tried to stop them.

The members were dragged outside of the building some 50 minutes after the protest began. Police took the members to the police station after they continued their protest in front of the building.

Twenty-one members of the group have been released. Of the two members for whom arrest warrants have been requested, one remains in police custody. The other was released, but further investigation will be conducted on the person’s involvement in the protest.

Police said they have sought arrest warrants for the two as they face serious allegations.

The Seoul Southern District Court was to hold a hearing on the arrest warrant request Sunday.

By Park Ju-young (