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Woman dies after Tosa dog attack

April 11, 2019 - 11:40 By Park Ju-young
A woman in her 60s died after being attacked by a dog Wednesday.

According to the Anseong Police Station in Gyeonggi Province, the 62-year-old victim, who was walking near her nursing home in Anseong, was attacked by a Tosa dog at around 7:55 a.m. Wednesday.

The woman was rushed to a hospital, but was pronounced dead at 1:16 p.m. 

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The dog, also known as a Japanese Mastiff, was kept by the head of the nursing home, who opened the gate of the dog’s enclosure to clean the space. The dog reportedly escaped and bit the woman several times in the chest and buttocks.

A 44-year-old vice director of the nursing home was also bitten by the dog while trying to keep the dog away from the woman.

The 3-year-old dog, measuring 1.4 meters in length, is to be euthanized. The Tosa dog breed is the only breed still legally used in Japanese dog fighting.

Police are reviewing whether to book the head of the nursing home for not having a muzzle on the dog.

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