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Police summon attendees of ‘Seungri’s Palawan Party’ for investigation

April 8, 2019 - 16:30 By Park Ju-young
Amid the ongoing investigation of K-pop singer Seungri over sex bribery allegations, police summoned for questioning female guests who attended a party the singer threw in 2017.

According to local media reports, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said it had obtained the list of guests who attended Seungri’s birthday party in Palawan, in the Philippines, in December 2017. 

Seungri (Yonhap)

Police, however, declined to confirm the exact number of people present and investigation details.

As the 28-year-old singer reportedly invited eight women in the adult entertainment industry to his birthday party, police have been investigating if Seungri paid the women’s travel expenses in compensation for prostitution.

In addition, police reportedly obtained testimony that prostitution took place at another location other than Palawan as well.

However, the singer has denied all allegations regarding prostitution, saying he covered travel expenses for all attendees who came to the party, including the women, which cost him about 600 million won ($525,000).

Besides allegations concerning Palawan, Seungri is currently under investigation by police for allegedly brokering prostitution for VIP customers in 2015.

In a KakaoTalk group chat with Seungri and his business partner Yoo In-suk, the singer reportedly discussed with other people supplying prostitutes to foreign investors at the Gangnam-based club Arena.

Also, another suspicion of the singer offering sexual favors to a Japanese businessman in 2015 around the Christmas season has been raised.

The SMPA on April 1 said police summoned people involved in the sexual bribery allegation and they obtained testimony that confirms the suspicion. Police said they are probing the exact place where the prostitution took place, as related statements have not been consistent.

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