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Hyundai Motor partners Toyota for hydrogen truck refueling technology

March 4, 2019 - 16:02 By Cho Chung-un
South Korean auto giant Hyundai Motor has joined a partnership with five global companies, including rival Toyota, to develop standardized parts needed for refueling hydrogen-powered commercial trucks, the company said Monday.

The consortium also includes Air Liquide, Nel, Shell and Nikola, an US manufacturer of hydrogen trucks, it added.

Fuel-cell bus by Hyundai Motor

The partnership is aimed at accelerating the use of commercial trucks powered by hydrogen and standardizing refueling technology for large hydrogen storage tanks and other equipment enough to resist the high pressure of 700 bar. The area of partnership will also include developing receptacles, nozzles and hoses needed for hydrogen refueling from gas storage to vehicles.

Standardization of hydrogen refueling technology and related equipment for passenger vehicles such as Nexo has been completed, but not for fuel-cell vehicles for commercial use. Hydrogen trucks require a bigger tank for storage and longer refueling times if using the existing recharging system designed for passenger hydrogen cars, officials at Hyundai Motor said. The cooperation is aimed at making refueling times shorter and the system safer to use, it added.

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