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[팟캐스트] (286) 빅뱅 승리의 버닝선 클럽 스캔들, 서울 아파트 월세 상승

Feb. 7, 2019 - 17:04 By Korea Herald


진행자: 임현수, Paul Kerry

1. Seungri’s reputation in peril over alleged assault at his club

기사요약: 빅뱅 승리가 이사직으로 있었던 버닝선 클럽에서 일어난 폭행 사건 및 승리의 대응 방식에 관한 논란을 설명 하는 내용.


팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1] After reports that an unlawful assault had occurred at a club run by Big Bang’s Seungri at the time, subsequent revelations related to the accusation continue to threaten the musician’s already-tarnished reputation.

*unlawful: 불법의

*subsequent: 차후의

*tarnish: (평판을) 더럽히다

[2] Local broadcaster KBS on Wednesday reported the testimony of an alleged former employee of the Burning Sun club suggesting that illegal drug use occurred in its VIP rooms.

*testimony: 증거

*occur: 일어나다

[3] A 28-year-old man named Kim Sang-kyo recently claimed to have been physically abused by security guards at the club and wrongfully arrested by police, revealing security camera footage of him being assaulted. The club claimed that he was dragged out for sexually harassing a woman.

*footage: (영상의) 장면

*claim: 주장, 주장하다

[4] Gangnam Police Station has said that contrary to Kim’s claims, it took both him and the club workers in question into custody, and that Kim made a ruckus and cursed at the officers.

*contrary to: ~에 반대되는

*ruckus: 야단법석

*curse at: ~에 욕하다.

[5] Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced it has designated an investigative team to probe a series of allegations concerning Burning Sun, including accusations of sexual violence, drug use, Kim’s arrest and whether there is an actual connection between the club and the police station.

*designate: 지정하다

*probe: 조사

2. Seoul studio apartment rent prices highest in December, lowest in April

기사요약: 다방의 데이터를 통해 보는 서울의 아파트 월세 상승 현상 


팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1] The monthly rental price of one-room studio apartments in Seoul was highest in December and lowest in April last year, according to data released by South Korea’s real estate and housing listing site operator DaBang on Wednesday.

*studio apartments: 원룸

*rent: 월세

*real estate: 부동산

[2] The Seoul-based studio apartments under consideration were those less than 33 square meters in size, DaBang said.

*square meters: 제곱 미터

[3] The results are based on monthly rent fees of 1 million studio apartments in Seoul that were listed on DaBang in 2018, after unilaterally fixing the deposit payment at 10 million won ($8,960).

*being listed: (팔 물건으로) 내놓아지다.

*deposit: 보증금

[4] According to DaBang, Seoul’s one-room studio apartment rent prices were the highest in December, presumed to be a time when many university students and young workers start looking for new housing.

*presume: 추정하다

*housing: 주택 및 주택 공급

[5] In terms of price fluctuations, Yongsan-gu saw the biggest price difference of 230,000 won -- the region’s highest average monthly rent was 690,000 won while its lowest average monthly rent was 460,000 won.

*fluctuations: 변동