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[팟캐스트] (284) 황교안 전 총리 한국당 당대표 출마 선언, 트렌디한 태국음식점 ‘쏘이 연남 마오’

Jan. 31, 2019 - 10:13 By Korea Herald

진행자: 김보경, Kevin Kevin Lee Selzer

Ex-Prime Minister Hwang declares bid to run for party leader

팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1]Former Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn on Tuesday officially joined the race for leadership of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party, sparking controversy over his eligibility and ties to the Park Geun-hye administration.

*race: 시합
*main opposition: 제1야당
*sparking: 불꽃을 피우다
*eligibility: 적격
*ties: 끈

[2]Hwang’s bid faces strong opposition in the political arena due to the prominent role he played during the Park administration, such as his posts as prime minister and acting president.

*bid: 입찰 (전당대회 참가)
*arena: 무대, 경기장
*political arena: 정치권
*prominent: 주요
*acting president: 대통령 대행

[3]With competition for the party’s leadership heating up, some members of the main opposition party, including Chairman of the party’s emergency committee Kim Byung-joon, have expressed concern and disapproval toward Hwang’s candidacy, as the party struggles to break away from its links to former President Park.

*heat up: 달아오르다
*disapproval: 반감
*candidacy: 입후보
*break way: 끊어내다

[4]“The Moon Jae-in government’s tyranny is the root cause of all agony and instability. Activist political theories that should been buried are controlling South Korea’s government affairs in the 21st century,” Hwang said, declaring his candidacy at the Liberty Korea Party’s office in Yeouido, western Seoul.

*tyranny: 폭정

[5]“The left wing’s outdated income-led growth policy has become the administration’s dogma. Entrepreneurs and small businesses were the first to be hit. Young people are unable to find jobs. I will save the country that is on the verge of going back to the past,” Hwang added.

*left wing: 좌파
*income-led growth policy: 소득 주도 성장 정책
*dogma: 신조
*the first to be hit: 가장 먼저 타격 받는
*on the verge of A: A 일보 직전인

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Thai food empire turns a new chapter

팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1]Chicken, consistently juicy and flavorful, can be found at restaurateur Im Dong-hyuk’s newest Thai hangout -- Soi Yeonnam Mao.

*juicy: 육즙이 풍부한
*flavorful: 풍미있는

*restaurateur: 식당을 운영하는

*hangout: 집합소

[2]“We call it Soi Mao,” said Im, 37, of his latest enterprise, which he described as a “Thai tapas” spot.

* tapas: 타파스

[3]While Soi Mao’s main focus is Thai drinking food and wine, one cannot ignore the restaurant’s mouthwatering chicken dishes, from their “kai yang” to their “kai ping.”

* mouthwatering: 입에 침 고이는

[4]“Kai yang,” which is available for both lunch and dinner, is Soi Mao’s riff off a dish that hails from northeastern Thailand.

* riff off: ~의 변형
* hails from A: A 출신이다

[5]While the original “kai yang” is slowly grilled over charcoal, Im explained their kitchen does not allow for such extensive grilling, so their “kai yang” is oven-baked, then the skin is fried to a crisp, before the meat is finished over a charcoal grill.

* crisp: 바삭바삭, 아삭아삭
* extensive: 긴

[6]The resulting protein is then served, heaped on a platter, with a side of sweet and spicy sauce. The flesh is snowy and tender and the skin is crisp and crackly, demonstrating how well-cooked chicken can be incredibly satisfying.

*heap on: 쌓다
*crackly: 오득오득

[7]Then there is Soi Mao’s “kai ping.” Only available at night, these chicken skewers feature meat that has been marinated in coconut milk and lacquered in fish sauce.

*skewer: 꼬챙이
*feature: 포함하다, 특색
*marinate: 재우다
*lacquered: 래커칠을하다

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