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Ex-boyfriend of Goo Ha-ra’s attempt to defend himself backfires

Oct. 10, 2018 - 11:13 By Yim Hyun-su
Singer Goo Ha-ra’s ex-boyfriend Choi Jong-bum defended himself against accusations of revenge porn on Tuesday’s episode of SBS’ “Access Showbiz Tonight,” but his explanation that he sent Goo the private video in question to “get rid of it” was met with skepticism.

During the show, Choi, who appeared alongside his lawyer, said, “I didn’t want to film the video, and it wasn’t even filmed by me but Goo Ha-ra. As we were ending our relationship and I no longer have a reason to keep the video, I sent it to tidy up.”

Choi claims the video in question was saved in his private social media account to keep it “safe” and ruled out the possibility of it being leaked or distributed elsewhere.

Goo Ha-ra's ex-boyfriend Choi Jong-bum appeare on Access Showbiz Tonight. (SBS)

However, Choi’s continued denial that he made a revenge porn threat appears to have backfired among the public.

One viewer expressed skepticism on Naver, writing, “How does it make sense to save a video in a private social media account to keep it safe?”

Another user wrote, “Isn’t deleting it the safest way possible? Is something wrong with me for not being able to understand him or is Choi Jong-bum’s logic flawed?”

Goo Ha-ra's flatmate speaks while on Access Showbiz Tonight. (SBS)

Goo’s roommate, who was interviewed on the show, also said that Choi’s claim doesn’t make sense.

Asked why he contacted a media outlet to sell a story during the SBS show, Choi said he was emotional but insisted he was rational enough not to give out any information on Goo.

Earlier this week, the law firm Chung, which is representing Choi in a legal battle against Goo, released pictures of Choi’s face and his full name as a show of confidence in his account of the story. Public opinion has swayed in favor of Goo over the last few days after allegations emerged that Choi had threatened Goo with revenge porn.

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