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Seoul to crack down on use of disposable cups in cafes, restaurants

June 27, 2018 - 14:40 By Cho Yun-myung
Seoul will roll out measures to reduce the use of disposable cups at cafes and fast-food restaurants, starting in July.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced Wednesday that it will conduct inspections from July 9-25 on whether local cafes and fast-food restaurants are promoting the use of nondisposable cups at their stores. 


The move aims to ensure that an agreement -- signed by the Ministry of Environment, 16 local businesses and 21 brands -- to cut down on using disposable items is carried out. 

The inspection team will check whether shops are suggesting that customers use nondisposable cups, as well as whether a 10 percent discount is provided for those who bring personal tumblers.

After the inspection is completed, a fine will be imposed on shops that do not abide by the agreement, starting in August. The fine will vary depending on the number of violations and size of the shop.

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