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University student council combats spycams on campus

June 25, 2018 - 13:17 By Ahn Sang-yool
A South Korean college is running a program to combat hidden cameras, following a string of incidents at several universities.

The student council of Hanyang University’s College of Social Sciences kicked off an inspection service for the spycams in May.

As students have expressed discomfort and concerns of holes in walls, doors and ceilings, the student council began a project to search out hidden cameras.

A hidden camera detection request is sent to the student council of the College of Social Sciences of Hanyang University. (Yonhap)

It first persuaded the college administration to purchase detection equipment and searched through restrooms and showers in the College of Social Sciences buildings.

Students can freely contact council members to check for spycams in suspicious areas on campus.

The council has received requests from students including a case involving a hole in the ceiling of a restroom amid concerns about whether it might be used for a hidden camera. Luckily, no such camera was inside the hole.

The vice president of the council said, “We’re optimistic in that we can immediately examine whether spycams have been installed from reports and requests via the special program.”

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