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Ex-employee steals corporate card and transfers W37m

June 18, 2018 - 14:18 By Ahn Sang-yool
An ex-employee has been caught for transferring about 37 million won ($33,500) to his account after breaking into his former office and stealing a corporate debit card.

Busan Dongnae Police Station said Monday that it arrested the 21-year-old on the charge of burglary.

The suspect reportedly broke into the office of a used phone dealer in Busan and stole a cell phone, 290,000 won in cash and a corporate debit card from a safe around 4 a.m. on May 19. He is accused of transferring money from the corporate debit card on nine occasions which amounted to roughly 37 million won in total. 


He worked at the office for half a month from May 2 and quit two days before committing the crime, according to police. He allegedly entered the office by using the password he had used while working there.

Having been filed a report, police blocked all transactions from the suspect’s bank account and arrested him.

By Ahn Sang-yool (