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Epik High’s Tablo puts up English subtitles

Nov. 21, 2017 - 16:10 By Hong Dam-young
Tablo of hip-hop trio Epik High has stepped in as a translator, providing English subtitles for one of his hits from the group’s latest album.

On Sunday, the Epik High frontman shared a music video for “Lost One,” from the trio’s latest full-length album “We’ve Done Something Wonderful,” via his Twitter account with the caption “Many of our English speaking fans asked for ‘Lost One’ translations, so I did the subs myself. Hope it helps.”

Epik High (YG Entertainment)

Epik High fans showed heated reactions to Tablo’s special offer on Twitter, with appreciative tweets such as “I know ‘Lost One’ is a sad song but I didn’t know the lyrics were that sad,” “This is why Tablo is my favorite Korean rapper,” “I was waiting for him to translate the video” and “Reading the lyrics, I have so much respect for him.”

Tablo, who often writes his songs in English, has also actively communicated with international fans via social media in English.

Epik High recently wrapped up concerts for the group’s latest album, which swept local music streaming sites upon its release in October.