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[Best Brand] Chadwick International

Oct. 30, 2017 - 12:25 By Korea Herald
It is my distinct honor to accept the Best Brand Award in Education by The Korea Herald once again on behalf of Chadwick International. 

Our recent campaign “I am your Chadwick” first began as I was preparing for the commencement of the first graduating class of Chadwick International in 2016. When Chadwick International was first established in 2010, we only accepted up to Grade 7, marking them the highest grade level. It was an intentional decision for the school. Chadwick wanted to provide an opportunity for our highest grade to immerse themselves in Chadwick education for at least six years while growing together before they enter the new world of their own.

After their six years, we were elated to hear outstanding college acceptance results and it was a remarkable experience for me to see the students pursue further education based on their best interests and fit. In the midst of the excitement, it was also a bittersweet feeling to see our beloved kiddos leave the Chadwick campus. During the commencement ceremony, I couldn’t help but notice mixed emotions manifesting among our students, teachers, and parents as they shared warm smiles and hugs. At that moment, I wanted to capture the heartfelt emotions I encountered in a memorable way.

The initial draft of the “I am your pool” was written from perspectives of the Chadwick community, coach, or parents who accompanied the students on their journey. It stated:

“You were the first one to open the door to the swimming pool every day. I remember your every stroke to get better. I remember your first triumph and imagined you would have many wins and losses in your life. But I believe you will always have the winning spirit. Because I was your deepest blue sea in your heart, not just a pool.”

As a teacher, a parent and a school administrator, the best support we can provide to the students is to watch them grow, cheer for them and provide solid foundations in the realm of our “deep blue sea.” I certainly hope students prosper beyond our deep blue sea, however, knowing that they will always be embraced by Chadwick as proud graduates.

I would like to convey sincere gratitude to The Korea Herald for recognizing our education as one of the prime examples that stands out. I would like to share this recognition with the whole Chadwick community which is where unfathomable support and love for our students comes from. 

By Helen Lee

(Helen Lee is a director of communications at Chadwick International.)

Helen Lee, director of communications at Chadwick International (photo: Chadwick International)