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Lawmaker keeps cool for viral 'No Look Pass' video

May 24, 2017 - 17:20 By Jo He-rim
A South Korean politician said Wednesday that he feels no need to explain his behavior after a video-clip of him handing his luggage to his aide at Gimpo Airport went viral.

“I just saw my aide and gave (my luggage) to him. Why should I explain? I do not really care,” said six-term lawmaker Kim Moo-sung on Wednesday.

To the reporters who asked, he said: “You guys should work.”

Rep. Kim Moo-sung a six-term lawmaker in South Korea (Yonhap)

In the video clip, the politician from splinter conservative Bareun Party walks out of the arrival gate and rolls his green suitcase toward a younger man who appears to be his aide, without giving him a glance.

No words or greetings were shared between the two as the aide hurriedly took the suitcase.

The short clip of Kim was also posted on Reddit, an American social website, with the title dubbed, “Korean Political Swag.”

The viewers of the video clip criticized the politician’s attitude, and alluded his behavior to the basketball technique “No Look Pass” -- a blind passing technique, in which a player looks in one direction but passes the ball to a target in another direction.

Kim Kwang-jin, a former lawmaker from ruling Democratic Party of Korea posted the picture of Kim Moo-sung’s arrival at the airport and wrote, “This is just so wrong,” on his Facebook on Tuesday.

His name and key words such as “No Look Pass” soon became the most frequently searched terms on Korean search engines.