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Samsung exhibits quantum dot display tech at Polish museum

Oct. 9, 2016 - 14:05 By 안성미
[THE INVESTOR]Samsung Electronics is running an educational zone at a museum in Poland where visitors can understand how the company’s quantum dot display technology functions, according to the company on Oct. 9.

In partnership with the Copernicus Science Center in Poland, the exhibition “outlines the technical details of how Samsung’s latest SUHD (super ultrahigh-definition) series television sets function, and how the human eye perceives the images they display,” Samsung said in a statement. 

Visitors gather at the Samsung's quantum dot display technology exhibition at the Copernicus Science Center in Poland. Samsung Electronics

Quantum dot TVs offer better picture quality and cheaper manufacturing costs than organic light-emitting diode TVs.

“A special section in the zone is dedicated to showing what quantum dot technology is,” the statement said. “Quantum dots are nanocrystals which, if appropriately illuminated, emit light with an extremely pure color.”