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Samsung releases new large-sized SUHD models

May 29, 2016 - 13:41 By 안성미

Samsung Electronics Co. on Sunday said it plans to release three new large-sized models of its SUHD TV series, amid the rising demand for bigger displays among local consumers.
Samsung said it plans to start the sales of 68-, 78- and 88-inch TVs, providing consumers with a wider scope of choices.

The price tags on the three products stand at 7.89 million won (US$6,647), 12.9 million won and 33 million won, respectively.
The SUHD TV incorporates quantum dot technology, which refers to a film of semiconductor nanocrystals that boast far more color vividness than liquid crystal displays (LCDs).
Samsung has pushed for the adoption of the quantum dot, as part of a counterstrategy to the rising organic light-emitting diode

(OLED) TVs in the premium lineup, fronted by smaller local rival LG Electronics Inc. (Yonhap)