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KT creates 5G alliance with Samsung, Nokia

May 11, 2016 - 13:53 By Kim Young-won
South Korean network operator KT has formed an alliance with global network equipment firms including Samsung Electronics and Nokia to jointly roll out technology standards and services of the next-generation network 5G for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

The network operator said Wednesday that the company and its partners have launched the strategic alliance, dubbed KT 5G Development Forum, though which participants will develop mobile devices and network systems running on the 5G networks, and test compatibility between the devices and systems until February 2018.

Network operator KT set up a 5G alliance with network equipment makers Samsung Electronics and Nokia on Tuesday. (Yonhap)

KT has been working to provide trial 5G services during the Winter Olympics. Last year, it created a global committee dedicated to establishing 5G standards and introducing a set of 5G services to be available during the global sports competition.

The latest partnership is expected to strengthen ties among the telecom firm and network equipment manufacturers to nurture the 5G network segment, KT said.

“The forum is necessary in developing complete 5G services,” said Jeon Gyeong-hoon, an executive vice president from Samsung Electronics, adding that the forum will allow participants to obtain competitive 5G technology.

Nokia Korea chief executive Andrew Cope said the network company vowed to continue to cooperate with KT to develop up-to-date technology down the road.

KT has been trying to take the lead in 5G technology in Korea. It runs a research and development center for 5G technology in Seoul and participates in global conferences for the wireless technology.

The Korean network operator will showcase some of its 5G services during the World IT Show, an IT trade show to be held in Seoul next week.

“The forum will serve as a test bed for standardized network devices and equipment for the 5G services to be available during the Winter Olympics,” said Oh Seong-mok, an executive vice president from KT.

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