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LG develops world’s first UHD TV chip

April 10, 2016 - 14:11 By 이지윤
LG Electronics said Sunday it has developed the world’s first TV reception chip that allows streaming ultrahigh-definition content without a separate set-top box.

The breakthrough comes as global broadcasters are bracing for the next-generation digital-based UHD terrestrial broadcasting that offers diverse additional services as well as boasting better picture quality. 

The Korean government plans to start the broadcasting from February next year. 

The world’s first UHD TV chip by LG Electronics

LG is a leading player in ROUTE, or real-time object delivery over unidirectional transport, that improves efficiency in the use of frequencies and allows broadcasters to offer more diverse services along with their programming.

The technology is also considered a key to the advanced television system committee 3.0, the next-generation broadcasting standards that are likely to be adopted by Korea and the U.S.

When the ATSC 3.0 is commercialized, the LG chip will allow viewers to use new services such as emergency alert system and TV program schedule even though their TVs are not connected to the Internet.

The chip is also expected to help enhance high-resolution mobile broadcasting, the company said.

LG plans to debut its TVs equipped with the new chip during the National Association Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas from April 16-21. 

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