GS Retail to start EV charging services
Published : Mar 25, 2016 - 15:17
Updated : Mar 26, 2016 - 09:33
GS Retail, the retail unit of GS Group, said Friday it will operate charging stations for electric vehicles through its nationwide network of convenience store chains.

As part of its partnership with Korea Electric Vehicle Charging Service, the company also plans to diversify related services in the near future. 

GS Retail convenience store division representative Cho Yoon-sung (left) and Korea Electric Vehicle Charging Service CEO Park Kyu-ho pose after signing a memorandum of understanding for their partnership Thursday. (Korea Electric Vehicle Charging Service)

“We believe the company’s EV charging services, offered through our chain stores, could maximize customer convenience,” GS Retail convenience store division representative Cho Yoon-sung said.

The company said the partnership will first focus on Jejudo Island where the use and distribution of electric vehicles is considerably higher than other regions in Korea. GS Retail said it will gradually expand its EV charging services nationwide, using its GS25 and GS Supermarket stores spread throughout the country.

“We believe that creative cooperation with GS Retail will boost the quality of charging services by using GS Retail’s 24-hour open GS25 convenience stores,” KEVCS CEO Park Kyu-ho said.

By Hong Sung-pyo (