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Police: Butane canisters found in Incheon Airport

Jan. 29, 2016 - 22:52 By 옥현주
Police said Friday they have recovered two butane canisters in a suspicious white box in South Korea's main airport near Seoul, but no accident was reported.

Police said they received a report around 4:30 p.m. that the box suspected to contain explosive devices was found in a man's bathroom in Incheon International Airport, South Korea's main gateway.

Police cordoned off the area as an explosive ordnance disposal unit was checking the bathroom.

A scan from portable digital x-ray equipment showed that the white box, which is 30 centimeters in length and 25 centimeters in width, contained two butane canisters and a bottled water, said.

Chung Sung-chae, the police officer in charge of security at the airport.

Chung also said no explosives or detonators were found inside the box.

He said police were checking security cameras near the bathroom to find out who placed the white box. (Yonhap)